Beef brisket, boiled potatoes, mashed potato, peas, Yorkshire pudding and gravy from the juices of the brisket, washed down with a bottle of Guinness Golden Ale.

Bought a couple of Bad Co beers yesterday. One a Dry Hopped Hefeweizen and the other a Yorkshire bitter.


Curious thing is the ring pull. Pull the ring pull (there is a rather loud bang making me think itā€™s going to explode), and once removed leaves a circular aperture an inch and a half in diameter. Like drinking out of a glass from the can.


The heferweizen was meh, I should of Googled what it meant. Itā€™s a wheat beer and I donā€™t like wheat beer. Live and learn.

The Yorkshire bitter though, ooow, by heck thatā€™s a nice bitter.Ā