Some say Sint Sixtus Westvleteren 12 is the world’s best beer. I’m no expert, but I can confirm that it is extremely delicious. And that drinking two 10.2 percent alcohol beers at lunchtime on a hot day will result in a long afternoon nap.

Illustration for article titled Beerlopnik
Illustration for article titled Beerlopnik

Whether or not it’s one of the world’s best beers, it’s certainly one of the hardest to get—you have to call the monastery where it’s made (in Belgium) ahead of time, show up at the appointed time, and pick up the one or two cases they’ll sell you per license plate per year and agree not to resell it. Alternatively, you can know someone who knows a diplomat who brought a few cases home when their post ended and who is generous enough to share. That’s easier than going to Belgium, I think. Thanks, Obama!

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