My wife went to a conference this week in Stowe, VT and came back with these:

oakhurst whipped cream: underrated. Honorable mention: Smuttynose Pumpkin ale. Not too pumpkin-y, perfect.

For the uninitiated, Heady Topper is a legendary double IPA from the Alchemist Brewery in Vermont, and they only self-distribute near the brewery. This is one of those beers that people would literally drive hours for, just to stand in line for several more hours for the privilege of purchasing a mere case of these things at about $4/can.

Don’t take my word for it: a local musician wrote a great ballad about a Heady Topper. Not the best quality recording, but it’s funny. Basically a bunch of friends trek over to Vermont to get some Heady Topper and by the time they get back, every single can had burst from the bumpy roads (except for one can) so they turn right around and go back (last line of the song, “Put on your boots Jim, get back in the van....”)

The Alchemist brewery has expanded their operation somewhat, so these lines aren’t a thing anymore. However, It’s still so popular that you can only buy four 4-packs of any one variety even right at the brewery. Sip of Sunshine by Lawson’s is a bit easier to come by and just “yet another” outstanding IPA of sorts. My wife saw it at a gas station and picked up a 4-pack.


I will go on record saying this Hop Craze has got to come to an end. There are SO MANY OTHER good varieties of beer that don’t require moarrrrr hooppppppssss, and NO, we don’t really need a hoppy pilsner or a hoppy lager, it’s nice to have a break from hop flavor, no? However, lucky me, I like hops. I just *might* have a slight allergy; it’s not debilitating, but I do tend to sneeze and get congested after a couple of these things. A beer-brewing friend likes to say, “every beer has its time and place.”

Anyway, I digress. With the forecast of 80's and full sun, I’ll be drinking one of those things from the fridge, taking the family in the boat, and switching to the Offical Beer of Boating on a Hot Day: Coors Light. I was going to winterize the boat this weekend, but LOL NOPE. The best part about boating on my lake in September - if the weather is good - is most people aren’t here and/or already put their boats away at Labor Day. Good riddance, tourists, I hope you left some money behind.

Last weekend. Not pictured: ANY OTHER PEOPLE (except my kids, just out of frame)


This. This is why I live here.

What are your weekend plans, Oppo? For beverages or activities?