So, it's been some time since last time I wrote about beer, mainly because I haven't tried anything new lately. But today I found some bottles of Hello my name is Sonja.

Hello my name is Sonja is a co-lab between Jeppe (this beer is named after his mom) at Eviltwin brewing and BrewDog, it's described as a Blueberry double IPA and you can absolutely taste the berries in it. BUT.. I don't like this beer, it's not bad.. It tastes quite good, but it's a bit.. well, boring, and the last thing you want in a Double IPA is boring.

Quick notes about taste and such.

Pours a crystal clear amber body,small white head. Nose; tropical fruits, wet grass, fresh herbs and hints of blueberries. Taste is wet grass, citrus, pine and mild blueberry note all the way at the end. Medium body and carbonation. Pleasant enough, but the berries have a hard time fighting the hops (I'm guessing Mosaic) and don't really come through as well as they should. It's a decent beer, but I think it needs something more, more POW if you will.

If you like beers with a mild taste, I'd recommend this in a heartbeat, but be careful it's 8,2% ABV and there is NO taste of alcohol.


Bonus: have some psychobilly..