So the first step was to dig all around the car, getting rid of all the snow around it. Then I waited for my uncle to pull it with his F-150.

When that didn't work, we realized that the ice it was buried in was up over the sidewall of the rear tires, so I worked on those with an ice pick. The right one ended up being flat, so I attempted to air it up with our tankless compressor. Only one problem with that.

The car isn't anywhere near my house. So I tried to plug it into my grandmother's van. Doesn't put out enough juice. -_-

We tried pulling it again, without the ice over the sidewall but still with the flat.


We ended up getting it out. She's going on the trailer tonight to go to the shop so we can get her going.


This is the hole she was in. I have a lot of plans I haven't told any of you that will change the look of the car. I'm going to try to keep it all a surprise until July when it's first show is planned for, but I'm not good at keeping the stuff I do to my cars a secret.