Beetle ownership, One Month Report

A lowered Beetle for your time(not mine but relevant):

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It’s been about a month since I picked up my 2012 VW Beetle Turbo. I’ve been really happy. I don’t drive a ton. It is 3 miles to my daughter’s day care in the morning and then 2 miles to the train station from there and 4 miles home in the evening, and I’ve driven it on the weekend a couple of times for some longer drives out of town. Quick recap, the 2012 turbo beetle has a 2.0T and 6 speed manual, I got mine CPO from VW for a very nice price because manual beetle and dieselgate. In my best Demuro voice, “bumper to bumper warranty”.

What is likeable: (1) all the driving experience stuff is pretty dialed, it is quick, has a nice transmission, and the steering is pretty good(see below about suspension) (2) interior is a good place to be, seating position is nice, not too upright or too low, and my daughter can sit behind me and her feet don’t touch my seat (3) hatch has decent space, 15 cubic feet means family overnights are no problem (4) my three year old really likes it and can climb into the back pretty much on her own.


What is not likeable (1) the suspension is too soft for its quickness, when you put your foot in it from a stop, the car rocks back too much. And I’m torn about the suspension because even though it’s soft, it’s also comfortable. Beetles ride high, 5.7 inches to be exact but that in and of itself doesn’t bother me. I’d like something a little firmer I think and if firmer means going lower and it looks a little better, I’d be open to that trade off because even at 20-30mm lower, it’d still be a reasonable height.

What’s undetermined: (1) gas mileage, I think I get about 18 around town and 30-32 on the highway; I feel like I should get better mileage around town but highway seems more than adequate; (2) a roof rack would be nice but frameless doors complicate things (3) 18 inch, heavyish wheels, they look nice though...


I’m hoping to snap some more pictures this weekend and get in just a nice relaxing hard drive in it. Have a Good Friday Oppo.

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