So I’m pretty upset. Two days ago, I cleaned my headlights. That part was good:

(They look better in person)

But yesterday, before I even had a chance to take that after picture, someone backed into me, left some scuffs and dented my license plate (also taking some paint off of it), and drove off without leaving a note.


What’s worse is I was in a huge spot twice as long as my car. The guy ahead of me was on top of the front line of his spot, leaving a gap that looked long enough to be another space. I actually watched twice as people backed into me, luckily without leaving a mark (or even checking my car) but this one must have happened while I was away from it.

I might buy some of those spike thingies that go over the license plate fasteners. They’re meant as decoration, but I’d rather let them do some damage to the next asshole who does this.

And yes, I realize it could be worse. But that’s not the point.