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Before and After

Today seemed like a good day to take a ride to my local Pick N Pull.

My P71 has a lot of cosmetic issues, most of which can’t be cured by a junk yard. But it does have one that I believed could be:


This black panel on my deck lid, while really being the least of my trunk’s issues with that giant dent hole thing there, has a few broken screws and won’t sit flush. It annoys me. It eats away at my soul.

So I took a look online, and Pick N Pull’s Johnston location had 5-6 Crown Vics of the correct vintage. Armed with that information, I set out.

The first car I saw was a gray 2004 (I should have taken pictures, but oh well). Interestingly, it was an LX, not a P71. Infact, it was an LX Sport, with a console, floor shifter, and bucket seats. Naturally the console was gone, and I couldn’t use the panel because it was body color.

The next car was the one I ended up taking parts from, a white 1999 P71. The fact that the cars were basically the same for like 13 years is fantastic, by the way...there aren’t too many cars on which you’re going to pull parts for a 2008 from a 1999.


There was one issue with the car, but a lucky one: the black panel had chrome trim, and a pair of tail lights to match. A few minutes of effort and $70 later (eBay wanted $100-120 just for the center section), here’s the result:


I’m pretty pleased with the result. Every part is in slightly better shape than what came off, including the backup lights. Plus the chrome trim really cleans up the back end of the car to me, I liked the black, but I’ve got chrome window trim, so this isn’t my only chrome.

Now to set about finding a set of bumpers and saving pennies for my paint job.

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