Just a quick waterless wash with a bit of trim restoration. I still need to clean the windows and get the extra restorer off the paint (and hit the areas I missed...)

The bottle said it was good for all colors, but it didn’t do much to restore the fading Oppo sticker on the back window. I guess I’ll have to source a new one as well as a replacement ‘Save the Manuals!’ sticker. The FSM is missing a parts of a couple of legs, but is otherwise OK. It’s black on dark tinted windows and a little difficult to see, but that’s by design. You never know how people in the Bible belt are going to react to a parody of religion.


It was starting to get a bit dark outside, which is good for photography but bad for cleaning. And the little ankle-biter bugs were arriving in force, necessitating a trip indoors for some hydrocortisone...