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Before I tell the details of the trip, I realized I never introduced myself on Oppo. So, I’ve just graduated from school as a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering (not related to cars) and will start working full time later this year. I’m not an American and have been in the US for the past 2 years. I drive a 2004 Mini Cooper S and I intend to own it forever!

My route this summer:

I’ll be stopping in the following cities:

  • Detroit, MI
  • Columbus, IN
  • Greenville, SC
  • Washington, DC
  • Lebanon, NH
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Maybe Cleveland, OH

I’ll be heading to southern Indiana sometime during the last week of May and will be going to the Indy 500 on the 27th May.


I will be going to the ‘Kart Kountry’ near Louisville, KY on the 26th. Later, we plan to drive to Greenville on the 27th after the race and do the tail on the 28th. Meet me on the Tail if you can!

I’m not exactly sure in which city I’ll be at any given time, but I’ll keep updating this post when I reach the next city.

So, ping me if your on the route and we can meet for a drink and/or go karting! Suggest me some fun driving roads too!