Which Motor-sports event do you want to have attended? For a lot of us it's a whole lot more feasible to attend the Grand Prix in Austin than it is attend Monaco, I imagine especially if you want a good vantage point at Monaco. But it's exactly that race that I would like to have attended during some point in my life. It's a race with so much history with an awesome location, the race goes by million dollar yachts, houses and runs through the city of Monaco. Oh and some breathtaking hineys (slight NSFW).

On the one hand the level of exclusivity and extravagance piss me off, but on the other hand it has a James Bond-like sophistication and refinement to it. Or at any rate, that's what I think of when I think of Monaco, haven't actually been there. So please do tell me if I am right or wrong about this, and share what your ultimate before-I-die motoring event is.