Hi guys,

This topic has been discussed at length but wanted to hear from the oppo community what your thoughts are.

I’m looking on buying a new bike sometime in the next month or two. I have my permit and took a motorcycle safety school a couple of years ago. I’ve also driven scooters on the road a couple of times. So I’m not a complete noob but still a beginner when it comes to motorcycles.

The current motorcycles I’m looking at are the KTM Duke 390, Suzuki SV650, Yamaha FZ-09, and the Honda CBR500F. I understand there are some great 300cc bikes out there as well but I keep getting told by people that ride that you tire out of them pretty quickly. Also I’m not looking to buy a sports bike, but something with a more upright riding position and it looks like all 300cc bikes are sports bikes (i.e. Ninja, CBR, R3).

The bike would be mainly for fun/commuting into the city and maybe when I’m confident enough some roadtrips. It also has to be new so no used suggestions please.