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Behind the Burner 19 - It's over!

Behind the Burner

A 2003 Town & Country did not rust to death and in the end our burner is the polite CB.


What happens now?

I will choose an Opponaught that has volunteered to login to a Reddit account and start a thread on /r/Oppositelock. In that thread they will be mercilessly interrogated by our crack team of Opponaught detectives with car related questions. They will answer all the car questions truthfully.

Everyone else?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to head over to Reddit and ask the car related questions that burn brightest in your soul in an effort to divine which Opponaught is answering your questions. Anyone that wants to volunteer to be behind the burner should PM me on Reddit, where I am also CalzoneGolem.


We are getting thin on Burners if you want to volunteer now is the time.

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