Behind the Burner 2.0 is starting Monday 5/21. I have some victims volunteers lined up but we’ll need more to keep the game going.

What is Behind the Burner?

An Opponaught is given an anonymous throwaway Reddit account and they start a thread on r/oppositelock.

The other Opponaught’s head over to Reddit and ask car related questions in an effort to divine which Opponaught is answering your questions. This Opponaught will answer your questions truthfully. They can only respond to questions you post over in r/oppositelock.

Anyone that wants to volunteer to be behind the burner should PM me on Reddit, where I am also CalzoneGolem. If you were a burner last time you are eligible to play again.


You can check out the previous game in the tag and in our subreddit. I had a blast hosting and looking forward to it again.