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This is shaping up to be the toughest so far. Don’t give up now Obbonaughts!! You’re closing in!

  • They are not Robert Alexander, The Crazie Kanuck; Failed The Visual Inspection due to Juke, Chaozbandit, Not for Canada - Australian in disguise, AestheticsInMotion, CarsofFortLangley or Full of the sound of the Gran Fury
  • They have driven across an international border in North America since 2009/06/01 so they have or had a valid passport, passport card, or enhanced license in the last 9 years.
  • They live in North America west of the Rocky Mountains.
  • They have you ever driven a car outside the Americas
  • They do not change their handle slightly on a regular basis.
  • They do not drive daily.
  • They have two cars
  • The car they drive most is an auto Mazda 3 wearing Nokian V speed rated tires that have a severe snow service rating.
  • The other car is not a Mazda, was assembled in the United States, is front engine front wheel drive, has a turbo, Goodyear Y speed rated tires, a manual transmission, model and trim was featured in an RCR episode, has a transverse engine, and is not Japanese.
  • They did not have a choic in the transmission equipped to the Mazda.
  • They have a non-cellphone personal computer that is a custom built compact tower
  • The longest continuous road trips they’ve been on are : About 18 hours and 1625km. With sleeping stops: About 65 hours and 6642km. These were not on two wheels.
  • They are familiar with the vehicle registration process for at least one Canadian province
  • They do not have a favorite racing series but watch NASCAR more than they should admit
  • They have never owned a Subaru

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