What do we know so far?

  • They are not Dr Zoidberg, Pistol Whipped Cream, Grindintosecond, Garagemonkee, Huzer, CRider or JKM.
  • Their name is on the title of one car, a Saab 9-3 sedan. They do not drive it daily, it is not on blocks, they are not actively restoring it to a former glory or improved version of itself, they have written about this car on Oppositelock, it makes a neat wooshing sound. It is used as a DD for their spouse.
  • The vehicle they daily is a blue 4wd Tacoma. It is not a company truck and they paid for it themselves.
  • They have a Triumph motorcycle.
  • The fastest way figure out their identity isn’t through a common 4 door sedan or pickup.
  • They own another distinct type of vehicle that no one has asked about.
  • They are not a veterinarian
  • They got fast food last week. Maybe Monday. They did not eat in their vehicle.