Our burner:

  • prefers British and America cars.
  • Owns a fwd 5 pot Volvo 850 sedan that is just a few shy of 20 years old, with a clock that read 8:00 at 9:00pm PST last night.
  • Is not Untitledcarshow, Ike or affiliated in any way with untitledcarshow
  • Is not Hiroku, Halkyardo, JQJ213 or EL_ULY
  • Has no strong feelings about vans or GTRs
  • Technically owns 2 cars, though one is primarily driven by the spouse.
  • Lives where it’s a good idea to use snow tires, but doesn’t and the roads do get salted, but not quite so much as some places.
  • Is of Scandinavian heritage.
  • Wishes their other car were a Volvo.