Behind the Name Plate - Miata Edition

The Miata may be the answer to everything, but do you really know what it means. Welcome to "Behind the Name Plate"! -Deep guitar riff-

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The Miata was first produced in 1990 in order to fill a gap in the auto sector left by the end of any good MG's, slipping away of Triumph and the overall laziness of Fiat. It became one of the most loved cars worldwide and the answer to everyone's questions.

But what does Miata mean? There are many stories of how the Miata got its name. It could be from a list of computer generated names or Miata being short for Amenata which means "She who pleases everyone" in the Ivory Coast.


Head of marketing and product planning Rod Bymaster said his biggest contribution to the car was the name he gave it, Miata. If you research meed in the dictionary you will find Miata is another word for this term and they both translate to "reward" from German. So you could call it the Mazda Reward, just kidding, don't ever do that.

This has been "Behind the Name Plate" -High pitch riff-

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