Want a video of it? Me too. I’m working on it, but in the meantime, let me tell you the specs. It’s a 1977 Camaro that was bought for $1,500 with a lame duck 305 in it. As you can plainly see, it wears an odd combination of pale-beige, primer grey, and a blue cowl hood from another Camaro. This car will remain crappy on the outside because that’s half the fun. The secrets lie beneath the skin.

Under that ugly hood lies a demonic 383 stroker small-block with AFR heads and beefy internals. It’s carbed, naturally aspirated, revs to 7,500 rpm and makes 580 horsepower at the flywheel. He has a dyno sheet somewhere. Suspension is all new too with poly bushings and upgraded brakes. Exhaust? There isn’t any. The 3” headers dump out into the atmosphere and fill it with evil, evil, V8 noise. This thing’s a bastard.


Best part? The vanity plate.

Base model. He also has a set of DOT slicks for when he heads to the track. We’ll get a video of this thing in a few months and I honestly can’t wait.