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BEHOLD! My Latest Fire Hazard!

My janky Honda Elite has gotten even more janky! I was up until 2am last night wiring up my electrical mods and doing some maintenance.

First up, the spotlights. I figured I will drop this thing on the Gambler at least once, so I mounted them far enough away from the edges that they won’t get sheared off. I had to do some creative MacGyvering with the mounting bolts because these really weren’t made to mount into plastic. And clearance wasn’t so great because you know, there’s a coolant line directly under those lights. But it works and those lights are on tiiiiiight.

At first I wanted to do my normal fire hazard janky wiring, but since this is a scooter and not a smart, I needed a manual switch...so I bought the cheapest wiring harness from Amazon that wasn’t spaghetti madness.

Unfortunately...uh...yeah...it’s pretty long. Enter my bad cable management! Clearly I went for a DeLorean time machine look.


Surprisingly, this is the most proper vehicle wiring job I’ve ever done. Everything is fused, there are relays, and there aren’t any wires connected by twisting and sealing with duct tape. I also added a USB hub to charge and power my electronics on the move.


The battery seems to only top out at 11v even before I installed these mods (SO MANY ZIP TIES), so I’ll swap it out with the CF Moto’s battery. I’d like it to have enough starting power to start without starting fluid.


When I get home from work, the scooter will then get its new wheel wheel installed. From there, all I have left to do is install the new derestricted CDI when it arrives and fashion up a snorkel of some kind. Maybe RGB for flair? Idk, I just want to get the core stuff done.

For the home run, I’ll then have to title the trailer and do the smart’s front brakes. Whew! It’s already a busy week! :D

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