Behold My New Ride! (Can't Stop Bragging)

Sorry guys, I cant’ stop bragging. You folks reacted so nicely when I posted the Chrysler!

In the last few days our car problems, who bugged us hard for more than 6 month, just dissappeared.

My E46 wagon developed multiple problems (after I hard break up I just hadn’t the temper anymore to care). As I was reset and took care, it wa too late. Problems accumulated. Same with my mom’s Ford Focus. Thing was just done, not worth a minute of repair time or parts because way to serious issues and non-existent value of the car.


Anyways, I told you about the Crossfire. Next day we leased a VW Polo which is sub Golf but bigger than a Fiat 500. You don’t get it over there in the US, so here is a picture for you (yes, that’s my mom’s choice of color.

It has every creature comfort you can think of in such a little car, is small enough for medevial European city yet big enough to do 100 miles Autobahn in comfort.

Things is, VW and associates have a big incentive going on right now. They give big bucks for any old Diesel car if you buy, finance or lease a VW product.


So we got 3,000€ for mom’s worthless Focus to lease the Polo for 4 years with bumper to bumper guarantee.

The very next day we went to Audi. And they made an offer we just couldn’t refuse. They give me 8,500€ for my now worthless BMW (which I bought for 8,200€ more than 7 years ago) to lease this for 3 years at a decent rate.


It has only the smallest engine and yes, I admit, a DSG automatic transmission, and it isn’t exactly the fastest car (I hope to get a decent mileage at least). But I wasn’t in the position to afford a bigger engine or AWD or even more equipment (Europe is different, sometimes even the radio doesn’t come as standard on small models).

I’d loved to have a A5 Coupe instead but there was no way to squeeze it into budget. But there was no way, we stretched it as far as we could.


Now I have the time to care about the Chrysler and maybe, maybe there will be bit of a budget for a small roadster in winter time.

I think of a Toyota MR2 W3 right now. Z3's (which are only a thing with an I6 an manual for me) rised in prices about 50% since last spring.

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