I got around to measuring suspension travel with the sway bars out, because that’s an important thing...that I totally needed to do...

Anyway, front went from 6.3 inches tire to fender gap to 11 inch fender gap. so 4.7 inches of drop from neutral and...presumably...4.something inches of compression on the other side. ~9 inches of flex travel. But that’s not spring limited or shock limited, its radius arm limited. The shocks and springs both have more to give and the springs weren’t in coil bind or on the stops.

In the back i went from 5.9 inches to 16 inches for a total of of 20.2 total inches of flex from center. This one is spring limited, im in coil bind on the compressed side, but the unloaded side still has spring tension to keep is seated.

I don’t think either of those numbers are meaningful except to say that the rear can flex about 2x as much as the front. so...neat I guess.


I should measure the GX, but its not nearly as much, I would guess about half.

Now, enjoy the best seat material for the best chimichanga ever.


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