Upon searching the depths of Craigslist, I found this. The ad is for a 2003 Amazing Civic. I must have missed that trim level. Here is the picture:

As you can probably tell, this is not a Civic. This is an Acura RSX that someone probably wanted to convert into a 5th gen Honda Integra and by convert, I mean change the badges. While some people try to make their cars sound better than it actually is, this guy has gone and made it sound worse.

It’s actually a great deal if the car is in as great shape under the hood as it looks outside because it’s only going for $2500.

I guess the old saying goes: If you don’t know what car you’re selling, you probably don’t know what it’s worth.

In the back of the picture, you can see an olive B6 Audi A4, commonly known in this seller’s household as the VW Passat.


This is the worst mistake that I’ve personally discovered in a Craiglist ad, so I’m curious to know what you’ve found as well.