Behold, The Nicest* Yugo For Sale in America

It’s beige. It has a couple of door dings. But otherwise, it’s a MINT 3-PEDAL, 40,000 MILE PIECE OF EASTERN BLOC HISTORY! And it could be yours for the low low price of $3,250 (OBO).

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why in the ever-loving HELL would Pat show me this hunk of crap? Is he drunk? High? On high-end cocaine?” No, not yet. But yesterday, on a dumbass whim, I ran a search on to see what Yugos had survived and were on sale in these United States of America. The answer: ZERO. Nada. None. Zilch. Goose egg. But today, there is one. A single example that some sick son of a bitch has taken fantastic care of.


Every now and again, one of these crap cans come up for sale. With an original MSRP of around $4,000, the car has held its value more than, say, a BMW of that vintage. Which is kind of funny to say the least, considering this 1.1 Liter four banger that came out of the Cold War has aged better than a West German luxury car. TAKE THAT, CAPITALIST PIGS!!

Also, wood grain.

Someone go buy it.


*title altered from “Only” to “Nicest” due to crappier crap cans for sale being presented. 

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