BEHOLD! The Worlds biggest PITA Plant!

My wife wanted a specific plant, in a specific pot, in a specific stand for her birthday.

Like so

no probalo, I aims to please.

Oh its the most pain in the ass plant/pot/stand ever? Sigh.


The plant is called sansevieria, and it’s a semi-tropical succulent. She requested this plant because its apparently notoriously difficult to kill...which is good.

The only real way to kill them it seems to to have them shipped to Utah in the winter. So finding one was a pain but I did. Next I needed to find the stand and pot...easy, lots of pictures online, only none of the are the right size, or come with a pot.

So...find a pot. In California which i have to have shipped 2 day so I can get it in time to make the stand.

I get the pot last night and today is her birthday. I was up until midnight in the garage chopping, cutting, welding and grinding the stand you see. it’s not primed or painted and won’t be by tonight. But dammit I did it. 3 weeks of work and its finally all together. If the kids knock this over and break it I’m going to flip.


I may end up cutting it down a little more for stability but its pretty solid.

She also requested special cakes only sold at IKEA for her birthday cake, which is on the other side of town and they don’t sell them to go so I had to work something out with the bakers. BUT SHE’LL HAVE HER PLANT AND CAKES!  All in, not including the additional welding tools, about $175  


She’s worth it, so that’s good.  For the record she isn’t demanding AT ALL, which is why I wanted to go to great lengths here.

1/2 .050 wall. I got to try out my new Harbor freight steel welding table and 90 degree magnets. HUGE help. massively easier.


My next project will be to modify my Yakima round bars to tie them together and add mounts for my traction boards and fuel packs.

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