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I’m trying to think of the most “beige against the machine” vehicle on the market. I’m talking about a vehicle so bland and unnoticeable that even a diehard enthusiast of the brand wouldn’t give it a second thought. My vote for vehicle beiging so hard it becomes intriguing goes to the 2017 FWD Ford Escape SE with the 2.0T engine making 245hp and 275lb-ft of torque.


Curb weight of around 3,613lbs (400lbs lighter than a comparable Kia Sportage SX-Turbo), can tow up to 3,500lbs, IRS, and would never be noticed by anyone. Not saying it’s a fast crossover, but for just over $27,000, this is the most interesting purposely beige model I can think of. It’s a vehicle that you wouldn’t be able to tell an Enthusiast from a Beiger if they owned this specific version.


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