Beige is Too Brilliant To Be a Bad Thing

Im surprised and fredrickly disappointed that beige is an insult in the enthusiast world. Beige is a truly elegant and down right sensual color! The entire neutral palette is most similar to human skin tones and that gives your favorite machines warmth and life. Beige simply begs for proper care and rewards that effort.

Now, I dont know nothin’ about no photography or your fancy $5 words for converting and interpreting the complex interplay of light frequencies over changing mediums into electrical signals through your eyeholes. Y’all know that I keep it buck fiddy! That’s five dimes on that hundred so that you can see/note the change of perspective. Right now, that perspective says that beige is baller.


Beige looks cleaner, fresher, and classier than anything else around it when the conditions are right and it’s the proper time to standout (when the car is detailed and the lighting is optimal). If those conditions aren’t met then beige fades into the framework so that no body notices when it’s busted, dirty, and in horrible lighting. Beige is doing you a favor, kin!


I refuse to agree with beige being tied to boring. It speaks softly so that you’re forced to take the time to listen and appreciate what you’re being told. Beige is brilliant and I wish more cars (and people) were as authentically interesting rather than relying on flash to cover up flaws. Embrace your beige, especially if it’s on the inside.


Future so bright that even Porsche gets sued for sunglasses.

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