Sleeper build. Original case stickers included. USB 3.0 3.5" front panel spray painted (Rustoleum Najavo white)

Snipped a piece of metal around the power supply area, like many of you previously suggested. Unfortunately I scratched a bit of the case in the process but I sanded the scratches down a bit so they’re not too bad. The rear I/O shield was a bit too thick; bear in mind this is a Dell case.

Genuine Windows 98 product key embedded in U̶E̶F̶I̶ side panel.


The guts. Fits a fullsize NVIDIA GTX770 fine.

Close up of the video card.


Not too much work to cram everything in there. Still has some room to work with.

Powered on. Hard drive indicator works too.


Speccy... you can see it runs pretty cool and surprisingly quiet.

dat cat (not mine, just catsitting for a buddy)