I had some company bigwigs in town and had to take car of their transportation needs. I called my usual rental company to get a 12th or 13th Gen Toyota Crown (the Audi A6L is wayyy too common for a snob like me) and thought we'd have that with driver for the day.

Instead, the driver showed up this morning with the incredibly bizarre looking Lincoln MKT. My busy bosses didn't give a damn but when we met our Chinese partners, two of them (good friends) who know I'm a car guy just straight up asked me:

"WTF are you doing with this thing? Did your bosses bring their kids? are you moving some furniture? That's not a car worthy of your bosses". Followed a few non-repeatable jokes about westerners maybe liking things with over-sized rear-ends...


Face is a very important concept in this country, and rolling up in some non-boss looking car is just not the right thing to do. I'll never do it again.

I never liked the MKT and never understood how Lincoln could believe it would sell here but that really seals the deal in my mind.

Honestly, even this abomination would work better than a standard MKT on the Chinese market.

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