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Being a Jalop pays off!

Went to trivia last night. The categories were:

Potent Potables, An Album Cover... Wait. Wrong trivia.

Greek Mythology, Landmarks of the World & Car Makes & Models.

We didn't do too well on Greek Mythology. 11 wrong out of 20 questions.
We didn't fare much better on landmarks. 8 wrong. However...

This was the opening image for Round 3:

Illustration for article titled Being a Jalop pays off!

Out of 20 questions, I only flubbed 2. A Triumph TR8 and I had an issue with a 1976-ish Impala. I thought it was a Malibu. :(

Anyway, our team (On a scale of Casey Anthony to Jerry Sandusky, how much do you love kids?) is now $75 richer ($25 for winning round 3 and $50 for being the overall winner 21 wrong total out of 60). Next week should be good!

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