Being a lazy prick is not a victimless crime. Someone has to do the job.

Coworker called out. He also said he won’t be feeling well tomorrow. And probably won’t be feeling well Monday. He takes lots of time off, so when he runs out of acceptable days off, he just starts calling out sick the morning of,conveniently straddling the weekend. Last time he called out on a Friday, someone saw him at an ale house at noon. But since we just let people do whatever, his work load has fallen upon some of us.

Even better because yesterday afternoon he came up to me — he looked spry, but whatever — and asked if I would do a rather fucked up job for him that was his problem. When I gave him solutions on how he could do it, he was literally holding out the order hoping I would take it. When I wouldn’t, he slumped away. So in his usual move, he will disappear for a few days after saying he didn’t want to do it so now I’m doing it.


We continue to employ this fella, even though his own boss acknowledges his dubious attendance. Sometimes management feels it’s easier to ask people who actually work to work more, than it is to make difficult/unreliable people do the bare minimum. It gets old, especially when your own workload is already bursting at the seams.

Sorry. Extra salty today, I’ll get my sunset-fix and be back to normal soon!

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