Rant ahead lookout!

Have an Audi RS6 for your time.

I liked Volvo, I really did. They were the quirky European car maker to me. But they're not the best cars ever. They all get roughly the same 20 MPGs and are all FWD or AWD with front wheel bias. They all understeer well before the limit. They all weigh a lot. While they look nice, they aren't AS NICE as some of their competitors. And then there's the cult like enthusiast crowds. I have never been part of an enthusiast group that was so frustrating. The seats in non-R models have NO bolstering so you just slide all over the place and the R seats aren't as nice as the seats in an M3. My car and experience owning it for the past month or two has been building me up until now where I can safely say I would never own another Volvo. I know I'll take a lot of flak for this as their newer cars are very nice and oppo seems to love these cars but I just can't deal with the badge snob "enthusiasts" and the general boredom that comes from driving one.