Last week, I had realized waiting to buy a car was a good thing for adult reasons.

So that’s all out the window. I’m fully obsessed with the Fiesta ST. If there was a local, non-black or red car with the Recaros, I’d have one in my friveway right now.


I’ve watched tons of video reviews on the car, and can’t wait. I almost bought a white, no option car, but I have a feeling I will regret not buying a car with the Recaros.

I maye have to order a ‘16 - the only option I want is the Recaros, and they’re supposed to replace the MyFordTouch stereo setup with something improved.


I am still shocked that 2 weeks ago I sold my C6, and that I am eagerly looking to replace it with a Fiesta ST. Mind blown.

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