Not only do we have to deal with constant asshattery...

And not only is not being able to walk a pretty solid inconvenience...

But now rental companies are really screwing with my quest to enter a Rally Cross event (no one repeat that part)! No, not because I am divulging, "Hey I am going to run the hell out of your rental car!" but rather, due to an airbag sensor that only allows hand controls to be installed in certain cars but not others.

As you can see in that linked story, my attempt to get a Camaro SS was a major FAIL. So this time around I went with Budget Rental as there is another RX event near Macon, GA this weekend.

Budget at least has better customer service but I am finding the same problem... I tried to rent a Mustang (not first choice but less variety than Hertz) and they said it's not possible due to the "airbag sensors" which was the same spiel I got from Hertz.


Can someone explain what is going on with all new cars and these airbag sensors?! I've rented a Mustang with hand controls before (many years ago) AND have hand controls in my e92 (seen here at the HPDE event from Road Atlanta this past weekend!)-

so I hardly think this is impossible. How is it that only midsize cars (Impala, Fusion, Optima) are the only options currently?


Of course the easy answer to my RX problem is to get a second, fun, project car (which I hope to do soon) but at some point I will want to travel to another city and I will want to travel in a sweet rental car of my choosing- just like anyone else.

So, if anyone can chime in here that would be great. People with disabilities have come a long way with equality, but it seems we are taking a step back in this regard.