Being rich and white in America pays off.

I’ve been a Jalop for about 8 years now, as a lurker most of the time, rarely commenting and almost never writing. I’m too lazy for that, and marginal benefit of commenting/writing isn’t worth it for me 80% time.

But the story of this vile piece of shit deserves a revisit.

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I remember the outrage I felt when then original story broke out in 2013. At that point, I was still somewhat of fresh immigrant. A sophomore in a state school, trying to do my best to meet new people, get ahead in life.


Some of my friends were talking about injustice in American system:

- racial profiling by the law enforcement

- unfair treatment by the justice system

- systematic oppression

To be honest - I didn’t believe the tales most of the time. America seemed like too good of a place for that. Most things looked like a straight shot - do good and and you’ll be getting good back.


That was true. Until I noticed that my black friends were being stopped for no reason, but my white friends weren’t. Frat bro’s would talk in a disregarding, insulting manner about black and latina girls. Tall, stocky, black guys always looked like a threat to white girls on campus, but a white dude of same complexion was “cuddly” and “cute”.


The examples can go on and on and on and on, for hours and days and most likely weeks. Shit, people discriminated against me, but I didn’t even realize that until others pointed out. Thick skin can be a disadvantage.

Where am I going with all this?

Well, the scumbag, who got 10 years probation, then fled the country with his mom, only to come back to sever 720 days in a lockup, for drunk driving and murdering 4 people is set to be released.


Meanwhile, a mother who didn’t buckle her child properly, is charged with negligent homicide, while the off duty cop who was going 94 mph in his Vette is paid on administrative leave.


While is devastating to hear that this mother lost her child due, in part, to her own carelessness, it’s also hard not to notice, that had she been white and rich the situation would’ve played out differently.

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