Billiam Caswell is a Jalopnik contributor and a rally racer. Unfortunately, Bill Caswell is not particularly good at either of those things. His bottle rocket rise to fame is best described as an accident, the result of being bored and having large amounts of money at his disposal. His public story began with the purchase of a $500 BMW and running it at Rally Mexico. It was a feel good story, one of a man who ran with the big guns with a junker car and limited rally skill. The anecdotes were funny, the sentiment was sincere, and thats where it all should have ended.

Rather than fade back into obscurity like a good internet celebrity, Bill used his new found fame to continue on his King Kong-esque destruction of rally races. He crashed out at Pikes Peak, but got a Jalopnik story out of it. He used his new found glory to berate BMW for not supporting his grassroots racing team, BMW responded by making the BMW X5M. 

Caswell's false sense of entitlement is the driving force behind his fame. By turning a $500 car into a rally-able machine, Bill is entitled to corporate sponsorship, a movie deal, and a pass when it comes to destroying car after car. His fame has brought legions of fans, most notably Desu-Sans-Paychecku, for reasons amounting to "Dude made a rally car out of a BMW BRO!" The fact that he cant cross a finish line or take racing seriously means it's not a surprise that he is good friends with Ken Block.

Case in point, these are his notes from his last rally:

50 right 5 into left 3

100 blown gasket 

200 cantina bar into Jalopnik story

Bill Caswell is a man who did something cool and turned it into fame. Kudos to you, the Kardashians, every reality TV star, and half the female anchors for Fox News. I would like you more if you werent so self important. Stop being a whiny, self entitled rich kid and get back to real racing.