Two minutes ago before I begun this article, I took this picture. I was taking my daily mournful glance at my car, standing at my bedroom window wishing, just wishing I could jump into it and drive the pants off it.

A few weeks ago I hurt my back. I think it was in January but I don't really know now, time has sort of melted inside my memory. I haven't been able to drive since it happened. I haven't been able to do much at all since it happened. One thing I have been able to do though, is write for you guys here on Opposite Lock.

Being injured this way made me realise that actually, I'm not content to make my way through the career that I currently have. I'm not content to do something I don't truly love. I want to write about my passion; cars.

I've been lucky so far for a person who has only being doing this for a few weeks. I've guested on two automotive websites and I've had some great responses and feedback from you guys here in the community of this website. You might have seen me in the excellent 'Best of Oppo' posts Daswauto posts occasionally. People either enjoy what I write, or appear to have some sort of faith in me. Or maybe it's both if I'm lucky. This is good for me. Maybe it gives me that little bit of extra happiness that I'd usually get from my car.

Driving is something I enjoy just as much as anything or anybody else in this world, having to look at my car and know that I can't yet do it even after all this time is hard. It's really hard for me. My therapy hasn't just been dealt with by the physios and the Doctors, it's been dealt with by you; the community on Opposite Lock and the others who have liked me enough to guest my articles on their websites and provide feedback.


So this is a little background to me, and a little thank you for the contributions and opinions to my articles and comments. It really is very much appreciated. Maybe, just maybe there is a small chance that one day I'll be able to do this properly if I keep working hard enough at it.

Who knows?