Spotted at a car show. The robin’s egg blue paint, the massive rear tires, the landau top... it’s glorious. Hotrodded eighties boxes are an unusual sight, especially compared to the endless 50s - 70s custom jobs that populate the average American car show. Will custom K cars and malaise era boats ever become that popular? What does Oppo think? Any good examples?

I have to admit, these are a guilty pleasure of mine. Mullet not included.

The Grand National/GNX and the Monte Carlo SS are the only cars I can think of. 3rd gen Camaros and Fox Bodies don’t really count, they are purpose built muscle cars. I’m looking for more examples of hotrodded everyday American cars from the late seventies/eighties, and wondering if this sort of thing will ever become more popular? That would be awesome, but I just can’t see eighties domestic cars as a whole being preserved to the same extent that machines from the fifties, sixties, and seventies have been.

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