(Belated) Happy New Year, Oppo/924 Progress

I’ve made critcal progress in the rear crankshaft seal repair on the 924. Just last night, I got the bellhousing and clutch assembly free! This car is like a “Baby Einstein’s First Ferrari” to me now, as I now understand why it’s recommended to remove the engine for any job involving the backmost engine bits.

That said, it can be done, and I’m proving it as I go, not without some challenges and clever thinking along the way. After removing the 6 bolts that attach the bellhousing to the back of the block, by design, you must remove the clutch fork pin. Unfortunately, mine was and still is stuck inside the bellhousing. But after doing some diagram hunting and forum inquiries, I found another way to drop everything with the pin in place.


By removing the three groups of 3 bolts that hold the pressure plate to the flywheel and starter ring, the whole 30ish pound mass would “fall” out. By working through the hole where the starter motor mounts and rotating the engine, I was able to get them out without rounding or shearing a head off.

Then working along the perimeter, I was able to slowly nudge the massive assembly off the locating/guide pins that line it up on the engine and miraculously NOT drop it on my face.


The flywheel is the only obstacle in the way of the seal now, and with all the oil behind, I’m pretty confident my initial assumption was bang-on. It’ll get a good machining while it’s off as well.


The clutch, 225mm in diameter, is much smaller than I thought, and will be replaced, as expensive a part it is for this car. Frankly, I’m ecstatic by the amount of progress made in the last 2.5 months. Putting everything back together should be a breeze when the time comes. But before then, a lotta cleaning, painting, and such will be done.

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