Belt Sanderlopnik Part 2

Spent some more time today on making a table for the old craftsman belt sander I have. It’s mostly done now.

I slotted the holes to allow for a little bit of adjustment on the belt clearance and totally not also because I added .0125 instead of .125 to one of my measurements.

I will probably cut the top part off the side with one bolt, if for nothing other than aesthetics. It’s got just enough clearance to the belt (holes are slotted for some adjustment) and is very stiff.

Might not be pretty but it’s super rigid and square

I did discover one of the holes I intended to mount it to must have just been for an alignment pin (the others were 1/4-20), but a quick tapping solved that.

Now I need to fix the drive belt alignment (which is comically bad and comes off as soon as you load up the sanding belt at all) and get a sanding belt which isn’t completely worn out. Maybe some rubber feet too so it stop wandering all over the bench.

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