The upholstery shop got the bench seat recovered much faster than expected. I dropped it off Thursday and picked it up this morning, and man, does it look good! I'm so glad I had them work on it too—they found maggots and a dead rat inside of it...along with a couple broken springs.

In battery related news, I got the battery charged up and took it in to NAPA and they load tested it an said it was good. I bought a test light though, and per the NAPA guys instructions, I disconnected the negative lead from the battery, and hooked up the test light lead to that. I then one by one pulled fuses and connected the test light to the battery. Every time, the light lit up. That means that the battery drain isn't tied to something from the fuse box right? I was thinking about it though, and wouldn't I need to do the same thing, except with the positive lead removed? Or would the effect be the same? If anyone has help to offer, please let me know.