Hello Oppo, I got a little over eager working on the diesel 323 and pulled the alternator after only a simple test. I checked at the battery and found 12.68 volts with the car off and 12.5 volts with it running. So I pulled the alternator for rebuild. I didn’t do much load testing.

Having a hard time finding the parts for it so I decided to just grab some brushes and clean everything up. Nothing looked burnt just a badly worn brush and lots of oil inside of it from a leaky valve cover gasket (normal for 90's mazda 4 cylinders).


Any good tips on how to bench test the voltage regulator and rectifier before I re-assemble it? Or should I just clean it up and slap it back together and load test it in vehicle if it still doesn’t work?

Complexity being that it has an engine oil fed vacuum pump run off the back of it.


Thanks in advance for the advice!

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