Just couldn’t deal with going to work today. So i took a personal day and instead made a lumber run, and turned it into these:

Both are 2' x 4'. I’ll be adding final details and making a third bench once i get more screws (went through most of 2lbs of 3" screws). The left bench is setup so the bed of the miter saw is flush with the benchtop. The bumpout at the front is so the saw arm can slide fully back while making a cut. I’ll be adding nutserts to the bench so i can use wing-screws to secure the saw while in use. It’ll allow me to slide the whole saw back when not in use so it isn’t sticking out into the path.


Made no miscuts, and only two wasted cuts due to re-thinking the lower shelf design, which i ended up being able to cut down and re-use elsewhere. I’m kinda proud of that give my ADD.