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BenchRacer's car. And H-body trivia.

Wearing most of it’s original paint and stripes. It does shine up, just not every year.


He’s had it for 20 years, it’s a 78 Monza wagon, originally an iron duke car. I was converted early in its life to a V8 monza. These wagons and their Pontiac sunbird safari cousins were actually a continuation of the Vega that ran into 1980, and were never available with a factory v8. There was also the unicorn Monza S, which was made in the hundreds and I’ve never seen one of.

Rumour has it they were just leftover bodies, as these have a different windshield, door and fender than does the wagon, shared with the 2dr vega sedan. (trunk car).


I don’t think there’s a new fender Stamping for the “s” fender, as the unique Monza/Vega nose is seemingly compatible with the late style vega fender.


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