When I bought my S60 last fall, the shop that did the PPI said I needed new shocks and struts. The car does ride a bit rough, so I can believe that, but two subsequent shops have told me that the suspension seems fine to them. I had been tempted to do the replacement (maybe even getting some fancy Bilstien B6's), but I’m not going to spend a bunch of money replacing parts that don’t need to be replaced, especially when I may sell the car in a few months anyway, if I can find a way to move back to NYC.

However, the shop did show me that both my front wheels are bent, which certainly would explain the pulsing I get when driving sometimes. Definitely seems worth dealing with.

That leaves me a few options:

1. Get the wheels fixed. The shop felt that dents in the wheel would definitely be repairable. They are on the inside, so it seems like they can probably be done without needing to refinish the whole thing. They recommended RimPRO, who charge $109 per wheel for straightening. This seems like the cheapest option, and would guarantee matching appearance, but I’m not sure how durable aluminum wheel repairs are?


2. Buy some refurbished ones. Looks like around $200 a piece, plus whatever I’d pay for mount and balance. Not sure how good those are though, or whether the paint color would match properly. 


I guess I could hunt for non-refurbished junkyard wheels as well, but Volvo made a lot of styles for the S60, so finding them might be more difficult, and who knows if I’d be getting something that was out of true.

3. Get new wheels in the existing size. I like the stock wheels, but honestly this would be tempting if I could find something I like, but selection seems limited. Best I could do at Tire Rack (admittedly, I think it would look better if Tire Rack’s silver car color wasn’t so grey):


Also, Discount Tire: Good job with the Prancing Moose, but I think your preview still needs work:

Depending on what I got, this looks like it would be $100-140 per wheel plus mounting.


4. Get new 17" wheels and tires. This is pricey, but the existing wheels do look a bit small sometimes, two of my tires are old, and one of the new ones was driven on while flat, and while it seems fine, I don’t quite trust it. There are also a lot more choices I like in 17"


Still, that looks like it would be around $1100-$1300 depending on what I got, and seems a bit silly to spend that instead of $220, especially on a car I may not need for much longer.

Oppopinions? Anyone have experience with wheel repair?