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Bentley Ballin' on a Bagel Bites Budget

If you missed the eclipse then feel free to walk into the long shadow that is cast by my accomplishments. That’s where I park my Amanti.

There’s no shame in my game. Just because I was broke coming out of college didnt mean my car needed to match. This Amanti was under $28,000 when new back in 2005. Seven years later, in 2012, I bought it for $7,500. Five years later it’s worth under $2,000 in 2017.

I was just thinking that my 2006 Kia Amanti is pretty much a $2,000 version of the $200,000 luxury sedan known as the 2017 Bentley Flying Spur (which probably graces your minds as often as the Amanti).

There’s a twelve year and $198,000 gap between these two, and an even wider trench in terms of branding. That said...close enough!


Sometimes a good drive is about arriving refreshed. Sometimes you dont want to communicate with people, let alone the road. Im just as relaxed as the suspension “tuning” and as vague as the steering. This thing makes me feel like hot butter over breakfast from the time I sit down to the time I pour out. Smooooth.

Love this old rubber mallet of a car.




*Note that Ive been in tearful laughter at the sheer volume of pompous irony in that opening bit for the last ten minutes.

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