Regifting isn’t bad. Your white elephant might be someone else’s bundle of joy.

This thing, whatever it is, has been re-re-re-gifted many times, sitting for many years in many storage sheds in one of the world’s most remote places. Finally it reached someone who has the interest and money to fix it up.

It’s supposed to be a 1930s Bentley. Actually the badge plate under the hood looks authentic, as does the engine. The Bentley logos on the very front and rear of the exterior definitely don’t look authentic, but I’m no expert on cars older than MMMBop.

The current owner is budgeting about $10,000 to fix it up. He’s not interested in having it period-correct or mechanically perfect. He’s not even all that set on getting it running. He just wants to keep it around as a conversation piece. I introduced him to a body-and-paint guy who might be up to the job.

If there’s interest, I can update on progress of the fixup. I hesitate to call it a restoration, because the goal is more “make it look nice” than “make it look original.”



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