I recently test-drove a classic Saab 900 convertible and disliked it. The chassis wasn't as floppy as conventional wisdom suggests, but it was an uninspiring drive and the shifter has horridly long throws. The thing that most disappointed me was the fact that the windshield came up too far over the driver, drastically diminishing the sensation of actually being in a convertible.

The last time I felt that ways was in a rental Chrysler Sebring, which, like the Saab, was based on the chassis of a hardtop sedan. By contrast, the Miatas and MR2 Spyders I've been in definitely have the convertible feel when you put the top down, with windshields far enough forward that you actually feel like there's no roof. I realize that this isn't quite an apples to apples comparison, as the roadsters are two-seaters and the converted convertibles are four seaters, so I need to ask the oppo masses, are there any convertibles converted from hardtops that retain a convertible feel, or will I have to stick to bespoke roadsters from now on? Am I out of options if I'm looking for a four-seat convertible?