Best 20,000 Dollar Family Car?

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Ok ladies and germs I have a challenge. What is the best FOUR DOOR family car currently on the market for 20k. I do not care if it is an auto or a manual. You have 2 kids in their teens who need to be driven around to practices, so leg room is essential. Also you like to go on vacations once year or more and usually you drive about 1000 miles so you'll need a big trunk for the luggage.


As you can see from the picture above I nominate the Lincoln Navigator. One with 50k from 2007-2008 can be found for roughly 20k. For me ever since I was four I have always had a crush on these big things. It has more than enough room for just about anything you need to haul and the security of 4x4 in the tough midwestern winters. Also I think they look the business. Plus I can haul wood for the fireplace in the winter time.

TDLR: Whats the best way to spend 20k on a family car?

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