Best April Fool's Pranks?

Anyone have any good stories? I’ve got one that I’ll never top:

YES! These will look great on my Corolla!
Image: Motley Fool

I worked part time at Autozone during college. My folks lived back in the Chicago suburbs all their life, and I was at a small school in northern Michigan (not upper, still in the mitten). I maybe saw them three or four times a year, and sometimes I’d go weeks without hearing from them. No worries, I was busy working, studying, and playing college ball. I called them, introduced my self as so n’ so, the “store manager from Autozone store ####.” I informed them that their son closed the store last night, and coming in today, we noticed some money missing from the safe. My parents asked how much; I said over $2,000. I affirmed to them that we are in no way accusing him of stealing the money, but we just wanted some information on where it possibly could have gone. I told them their son was suppose to come into work today, but never showed; and that he also is not answering any calls. By then I can hear my parents fuming through the phone. Through a mix of swears and threats, I finally asked them that if you do ever get a hold of him, to call the store immediately. Then I finally said, “Thanks for calling Autozone, you have a wonderful April Fools Day!” I laughed, my boss laughed, and my parents did not. 


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